It’s been quite a week on Twitter – from the census to the US Women’s National Team to corruption call-outs, starting with the military parade held in DC on July 4th.

SCOTUS upheld the decision to bar a citizenship question on the census, agreeing that the Trump administration’s reasons for including the question were contrived – as we knew from the Hoeffler memos, which stated the intention was to increase the power of “Republicans and non-Hispanic Whites” – not to help ensure the enforcement of the Voting Rights Act, as the administration had originally claimed.

Carolyn – who proudly holds an “F” rating from the NRA – also hit back when Trump attacked NY AG Tish James for her work holding them to account.

After the SCOTUS announcement on the census, it seemed like POTUS hadn’t been keeping up on the day’s events; Carolyn called him out for it.

And finally, we highlighted the work of NPR journalist Hansi Lo Wang, who outlined the potential impacts of the President’s continued efforts to circumvent a court ruling to add the citizenship question to the census.