Congresswoman Maloney has always been proud that America is a nation of immigrants, and she believes that legal avenues to citizenship should be available to hardworking members of our society. Carolyn has pursued comprehensive and compassionate immigration reform that protects our borders but is still dictated by our American values and human decency. There are countless hard-working immigrants who want nothing more than to be Americans, and Carolyn has fought for reasonable avenues so that those who seek citizenship may have paths to obtain it.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Carolyn is a strong supporter of comprehensive, bipartisan immigration reform that will keep families together and provide a pathway to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants– including DREAMers who entered the United States as children and know no other home.

High-Skilled Immigration: Carolyn is committed to making sure that our economy benefits from the best talent available. That is why she is committed to expanding opportunities for skilled workers to fill talent gaps in the United States, and wants to make sure that young people educated at American universities can start businesses and grow our economy.