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    "Carolyn has not only delivered again and again for New Yorkers, she's written groundbreaking legislation that is making a lasting difference in the lives of millions of Americans. New Yorkers are extraordinarily lucky to have her fighting for them in Congress."
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  • Attention Consumers: Help is on the way!

    Earlier this year, the CARD act, a bill Carolyn co-authored and President Obama signed into law, went into effect. It is a massive regulation overhaul for the credit card industry, designed to increase transparency and make it easier for consumers to know what they’re being charged for.
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  • Carolyn Maloney - Trailblazer

    Check out this video that debuted at our Women for Carolyn Breakfast in February. Council Speaker Christine Quinn calls Congresswoman Maloney a "trailblazer who keeps blazing new trails." Hillary Clinton praises Carolyn as a "tireless and effective advocate for women in America..."
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September 01, 2014

Maloney Endorses Seawright for Kellner Seat

New York Observer

Rebecca Seawright, an attorney running for the Upper East Side and Roosevelt Island-based seat that Assemblyman Micah Kellner is vacating, scored the endorsement of Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney today.

The Manhattan lawmaker is the latest in a long list of elected officials to back Ms. Seawright in her race against several contenders.

“Rebecca Seawright has the record, skill-set and tenacity to be an excellent legislator, and I am proud to endorse her for State Assembly in Manhattan’s District 76,” Ms. Maloney said in a statement to the Observer. “I look forward to partnering with her to advance all ten points of the women’s equality agenda in Albany. I strongly support her focus on improving childhood education, expanding services for seniors and reforming the Capitol by passing campaign finance reform.”

Comptroller Scott Stringer, Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, State Senator Liz Krueger and Council members Daniel Garodnick and Ben Kallos have all backed Ms. Seawright already. Ms. Maloney, a representative of the area for two decades, was perhaps the most sought-after endorsement in the Democratic primary. Her backing of Ms. Seawright was not a surprise to most political observers.

“I am extremely proud to receive the endorsement of Carolyn Maloney,” Ms. Seawright said. “Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney is a golden name on the Upper East Side and Roosevelt Island because of her unbeatable record on women’s equality, gun safety, and expanding access to childhood education.”

Ms. Seawright is facing investment banker Gus Christensen, Xerox marketing executive David Menegon and former City Council candidate Ed Hartzog. The seat became open after Mr. Kellner, the incumbent, chose not to seek re-election following revelations last year that he sexually harassed a former staffer.

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September 01, 2014

A Woman's Place Is in the Constitution - by Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney

Every year on this day, we celebrate the 1920 passage of the 19th Amendment that gave women the right to vote in the United States. With the right to vote, women gained one of the most important responsibilities and privileges a democracy can bestow. Thankfully we've used it and become a powerhouse in elections across the country. Since 1980, the proportion of eligible women who voted in presidential elections has exceeded the number of eligible men who voted. There's women power at its best.

Women's Equality Day, however, is as much an opportunity to recognize past achievements in the women's movement as it is to look at the work we have left to achieve gender equality in this country. Universal suffrage was an essential step, and yet almost a century later we still don't have full equality in educational institutions, in the workplace, on the battlefield, and in our personal health care decisions.

To read the full column, click here.

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July 29, 2014

Rep. Carolyn Maloney to go to China in hopes of bringing two giant pandas to NYC

NY Daily News

Maloney, who has been trying to bring a giant panda to a New York City zoo for years, says Chinese officials encouraged her to fill out an application for a transfer at the Chengdu Research Base when she visits next month.


A New York congresswoman is hoping a pair of giant pandas will become the city’s next great attraction.

Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-Manhattan) will travel to a nature preserve in China next month to explore the possibility of bringing two giant pandas to Gotham. “The greatest city in the world deserves two pandas,” she told the Daily News. “They’re a symbol of good luck.”

While Chinese officials have yet to approve a transfer, they encouraged Maloney to fill out an application when she visits Chengdu Research Base, she said. “They didn’t say no,” Maloney added, noting she has been trying to bring a giant panda to a city zoo for years.

To read original story, click here.


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December 12, 2011

Stock Trade Bill Move Angers Dems

Democrats aren’t taking House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s takedown of Rep. Spencer Bachus lightly.

Following a POLITICO report earlier Thursday that Cantor forced Bachus, the House Financial Services Committee chair, to reverse course on legislation that would crack down on congressional insider trading, the bill’s top backers lashed out at Cantor’s decision to pressure Bachus to back down.

“I was completely surprised and taken aback to find that the Republican leadership had yanked it off the agenda and stopped the process from going forward,” Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) said. “This is something that 99 percent of the Americans agree [with] completely.”

On Tuesday, Bachus called for a Dec. 14 markup on the STOCK Act, which would explicitly bar insider trading among members of Congress and federal workers. The bill, which stands for “Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge,” languished in obscurity before a “60 Minutes” investigation in November propelled it onto committee agendas and to more than 200 co-sponsors.

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August 17, 2010

Team Maloney at Woodside Houses "Clean Up the Grounds" Day

Joining Woodside residents, Team Maloney spent Monday at Woodside Houses "Clean Up the Grounds" Day participating in activities such as cleaning up around a garden honoring American troops.

"I want to thank all my residents here in Woodside, the children, for coming out and making this a successful day. We try to instill teamwork and community work in our residents so we can live the quality of life that we deserve. And I want to thank Congresswoman Maloney for bringing some of her great folks to come and help us on this day. Thank you Carolyn, and hopefully we'll be working with you in the near future," said Ann Cotton-Morris, President, Woodside Houses Tenants Association.


"I had a great time helping out at the Woodside Houses. I was proud to give back to a community that has shown so much support for Carolyn," said Peter Gao, a Maloney for Congress intern.


Check out photos of Woodside residents, Ann Cotton-Morris (President, Woodside Houses Tenants Association), Christina Leale and Woodside children teaming up with Team Maloney members Loren, Rayees, and Peter.

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August 08, 2010

Interns of the Week


Jordan first got involved with the Maloney campaign because he thought it “would be a great way to learn about the election process and make a tangible difference.”  Jordan wanted to work for Carolyn because her political philosophies strongly mirror his own. And, “her work to help find a cure for Parkinson’s Disease, as a co-founder of the Congressional Working Group on Parkinson's Disease, personally resonates with me, as I have an uncle who passed away from Parkinson’s and another uncle who suffers from Parkinson’s Disease.”  Jordan would like to see Carolyn re-elected because “her policies truly reflect the needs of the middle class. Whether it’s expanding health care, fighting for benefits for first responders, or passing the Credit CARD Act, Carolyn is always thinking of her constituents, rather than caving to the interests of the elite. As an experienced congresswoman who has served almost two decades in the House, Carolyn knows how to get things done and has shown again and again her ability to do so.”  The first thing Jordan did on the campaign was knock on doors and help with the petitioning process.  Although he was a bit nervous, Jordan quickly realized that his "unease was unfounded."  Jordan likes working for the Maloney campaign because he enjoys getting to know the other interns, as well as the constituents. There are so many diverse people from different backgrounds in Carolyn’s district whom he would never have the opportunity to meet.





Shirley wants to see Carolyn re-elected because “Carolyn has been relentlessly fighting for the well-being of New Yorkers. Her accomplishments have improved the lives of many Americans with her strong beliefs ranging from consumer rights to healthcare reform. As someone with both the experience and the energy, Carolyn deserves to continue representing her district.”  Shirley got involved in the campaign because, as a lifelong New Yorker, she believes it is extremely important to be an informed citizen. “Participating in the democracy that is America is a responsibility that I have, and a great way to begin the process was to get involved in a political campaign.”  The first thing Shirley did for the campaign was make phone calls to voters in the district.  She loves her work because the campaign team is so enthusiastic.  “It is amazing to meet such diverse supporters of Carolyn, not only on the campaign, but all across the district. I love working with every one of the interns and interacting with them on a daily basis has made work both progressive and enjoyable.”  Between now and Primary Day, Shirley is going to help Carolyn win by knocking on doors, making phone calls, and spreading the word about Carolyn’s accomplishments and the importance of being an informed New Yorker.         





Brian wants Carolyn to be re-elected because she never stops fighting for New Yorkers.  He got involved in the Maloney campaign because he thought “it would be a good experience and wanted to do more with my life.”  The first thing he did for the campaign was talk to voters in Long Island City.  The thing he likes best about working on the Maloney campaign is meeting and talking to other supporters of Carolyn.  He also likes how he goes to many new places that he wouldn’t have known about otherwise.  Brian is going to help Carolyn win between now and Primary Day by continuing to work hard on her behalf.       




Yuliya wants Carolyn to be re-elected because “Carolyn Maloney has done everything in her power to help New Yorkers during the past eighteen years, including writing vital legislation to make the lives of her constituents better. Carolyn will not stop fighting for New Yorkers in the future and thus should remain the Congresswoman in this district.”  She got involved in the Maloney campaign because she wanted to learn the basics of how a campaign is run and thought “what better way than in a campaign where the candidate has done so much for her constituents.”  The first thing Yuliya did for the Maloney campaign was participate in the Fireworks in Astoria event where she helped with the petitioning process to put Carolyn’s name on the ballot.  “It was a great first event because I saw right away the immense support Carolyn had throughout her District.”  The thing she likes best about working for the Maloney campaign is “knowing that I am a direct link between the Congresswoman and her constituents. It is a great feeling to share Carolyn’s numerous accomplishments for New York directly with her voters.”  Between now and Primary Day Yuliya will work to re-elect Carolyn by “communicating with as many voters as possible, by making phone calls and by knocking on doors, to tell them about the things Carolyn has achieved for them and the importance of their support in the September 14th Primary.”            

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